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CN ECO Packaging Group helps wholesalers and brand owners fulfill their packaging by top-end turnkey manufacturing.

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CN ECO Packaging Group, a professional Packaging Group was established in 2000, is an integrated packaging solution enterprise of manufacture and trade, which owned CN ECO Packaging Co., Ltd, Shanghai Packaging Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd and Globepulp Packaging. Our company mainly produces paper products such as paper box, gift box, paper bags, packaging label, biodegradable packaging & pulp packaging, etc.


We have a broad base of well-known international customers, including global high-end cosmetics brands and high-end fashion & sport brands, and a well-known large department store chain in the United States. The packaging that we manufacture are used by our customers all around the world.

Our company had successfully passed the QS food safety quality system certification and internal certifications such as FSC, SGS and so on. A complete and effective operating system has been established, the whole process tracking control and standardized management of the products, thus effectively ensuring the quality and stability of the products.

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We have also established long-term, stable relationships with certain of our key customers. We believe that we are one of the best PRC manufacturers to manufacture products packaging.

We believe that our long-term relationships with our customer will enhance our reputation as one of the leading manufacturers of packaging industry.

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