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    • The Dangerous Trend Facing Products That Are Packaged in Plastics

      December 17, 2022

      Did you know that choosing the right packaging can make your business more profitable and raise your brand image to the next new level? It’s essential for Entrepreneurs / CEOs to keep noticing the trend that is happening in their industry and organizations must keep abreast of the changes and put themselves in favorable positions. So I’m going to share with you 3 secrets about molded pulp packaging and how Read More

    • December Custom Packaging Trends 2022

      December 03, 2022

      Packaging is the first product attribute that customers come in contact with. The look and feel of your product packaging provide the most valuable depiction of your company, your brand, and the product itself. In short, packaging gives the first impression that a product brings. That’s why it’s crucial for packaging to have a perfect design that not only preserves, protects, and promotes the product, but also appeals to your Read More

    • Pulp Packaging Will Be A Lasting Trend

      November 26, 2022

      Global warming is in urgent need of improvement. From the packaging point of view, Europe and the United States this year issued regulations to limit the use of plastic products, and beyond the provisions will be charged additional taxes. And companies around the world take positive action to enhance social responsibility, and pulp packaging products came into being. Molded pulp packaging has gradually replaced bubble film and has become a Read More

    • 3 Factors Affecting The Accuracy of Post-press Processing

      November 19, 2022

      Post-press processing technology, along with the progress of printing technology and the continuous improvement of printing quality needs. It has shown a continuous trend of creating new hot spots. Which is crucial for the world’s printing enterprises to achieve transformation through technological innovation. And it is important to maintain the sustainable and healthy development of printing enterprises. Post-press processing accuracy is one of the important indicators of product quality. So Read More

    • Custom Pizza Boxes Wholesale at CN Eco Packaging

      November 12, 2022

      When ordering a pizza, the first aspect of the service that clients will notice is the custom pizza boxes. These boxes must be so eye-catching that simply looking at them causes the buyer to salivate. Pizza boxes that are visually appealing will persuade customers to open the box. Customers frequently request our unique pizza boxes because they are made to drool while also serving as packaging for your pizza. These Read More

    • 4 Tips for Hot Stamping During the Printing Process

      June 15, 2022

      The printing method is merely an introduction to the fundamentals. The following will share with you several processes. Allowing you to better understand the process’s characteristics and so improve the quality of your packaging. Process Manual: Gold/Golden Hot Stamp Definition of Gold Hot Stamp Gold Hot Stamp is a printing decoration procedure in which a metal printing plate is heated, foil is applied, and gold text or patterns are embossed Read More

    • How to Understand the Key of Packaging Design Positioning?

      June 07, 2022

      “The kind of person you become will attract the kind of person you are, because things come together; work hard and grow better!” Packaging design positioning in the implementation of packaging design. What is the key role played in the process? As a good packaging designer What do you need to know to be invincible! Why is it that the product packaging is not accurately positioned? Even if the brand Read More

    • Advanced Sense of Simple Design-Packaging Design of Aromatherapy and Perfume-Part Three(Final)

      May 30, 2022

      Thirteen Du Fragrance via YANND( The last thirteen du fragrance brand. Based on the background of fast-paced urban life. The brand hopes to create a product that meets the aesthetics of contemporary young people. Let everyone give the mind a relaxing time The font design of “十三渡” The strokes are more slender and capable To a certain extent, it represents the characteristics of the product Looks soft but kind Subtle yet Read More

    • Advanced Sense of Simple Design-Packaging Design of Aromatherapy and Perfume-Part Two

      May 26, 2022

      ANTIDOTE via: HEYSTORE A Relatively Small Luxury Brand–ANTIDOTE The launch of the “Love but not” series of concept packaging Choose glass, metal, and other materials in product design Highlight the sense of luxury and quality of packaging Classic black and white matching further creates a mysterious atmosphere Clear Glass Perfume Bottle With a solid black round cap Enhance visual escape Packaging will not be too dull and monotonous The White Read More

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